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Social Responsibility

Home About Us> Social Responsibility

As a corporation with responsibility, appreciation and accountability, Kingworld has been contributing to the society since established. Kingworld helps people suffered from natural and man-made disasters, supports religion and education career, builds instruments for education and religion, and concerns the weak and sick. With the corporate mission of “offer help to people, benefit the world”, Kingworld has donated money and supplies more than 30 million Yuan in total. 

August 1996, medicines valued 400 thousand Yuan was donated to CRCF for flood disaster area in Yangzi River.

January 1996, 200 thousand Yuan and medicines value equaled were donated to The Future Art Center of Chinese Concerns about Next Generation Commission.

May to August 1998, medicines valued 500 thousand Yuan were donated to earthquake disaster area in Zhangbei and Shangyi County of Zhangjiakou City, and flood disaster area in Wuhan City and Jiangxi Province.

June 2000, 400 thousand Yuan was donated to The 4th Chinese Health Birth Science Association. 

June 2000, 200 thousand Yuan was donated to CRCF.

July 2002, 300 thousand Yuan was donated to establish Shenzhen Brilliance (Kingworld) Development Funds.

December 2002, 800 thousand Yuan was donated to Wenguang Sub-district office in Chaoyang City to support the local education and welfare career.

March 2003, becoming the first corporation to donate to earthquake area in Xinjiang.

April 2003, 200 thousand Yuan was donated to Doumentou Primary School in Xiabaishi Fu’an City of Fujian Province through the “Kingworld Development Funds” of Shenzhen Brilliance Career Promotion Association.

April 2003 when SARS was spreading, medicines and health care products valued 200 thousand Yuan was donated to Shenzhen Charity House and East Lake Hospital through Shenzhen Nation and Religion Bureau, Shenzhen Red Cross, and Shenzhen Volunteers Union. Also medicines and health care products valued 1 million Yuan in total was donated to the social vulnerable groups in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. one after another.

June 2004, 300 thousand Yuan was donated to The Chinese Philanthropic Foundations.

2003, 1 million Yuan was donated to The First Chinese Mother Child Nutrition and Health Forum.

July 2005, in the activity of Walking to Bazhong, Kingworld Development Funds donated to help building the teaching buildings for Guangcai Primary School.

December 2005, medicines valued 100 thousand Yuan was donated to CCTF, meanwhile awarded as “public-spirited enterprise” by CCTF. 

2005, participating the “Love and Support Tibet” Sunshine Plan.

April 2006, 400 thousand Yuan was donated to The 4th International Teochew Youth Federation.

June 2006, 200 Yuan was donated to China Welfare for the Handicapped to help cataract patients see again.

July 2006, 200 thousand Kingworld New Concept of Health medicine bags valued 10 billion Yuan were donated to domestic registered temples through Buddha Mind Project. 

July 2007, medicines valued 1.53 million Yuan were donated to worst areas of Shaoguan City and Ruyuan County suffered by typhoon Bilis.

August 2006, 300 thousand Yuan was donated to Anhua County in Hunan Province to build Student Project.

November 2006, 200 thousand Yuan was donated to Chinese Health Birth Science Association.

December 2006, medicine bags valued 150 thousand Yuan were donated to help cataract patients in Putuoshan area.

2003 to 2007, 250 thousand Yuan was donated to Chinese Association of Concerns for Growth of Next Generation

January 2008, 250 thousand Yuan was donated to Lanzhou City, and 200 thousand Yuan was donated to build a Hope Primary School.

January 9th 2008, medicines valued 140 thousand Yuan was donated to poor residents and temples in Shanghai.

February 2008, medicines for cold valued 150 thousand Yuan and 100 thousand Yuan cash were donated to snow disaster areas in Southern China through Shenzhen Charity Federation.

March 19th 2008, Clothes valued 598 thousand Yuan were donated to Luohu Charity Federation in Shenzhen City.

Since April 2008, 50 thousand Yuan is donated to college student Liying as scholarship in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University every year.

May 2008, money and medicines total valued 1.5 million Yuan were donated to Wenchuan earthquake area in Sichuan Province.

October 2008, Kingworld was awarded the “First Charity Prize of Peng City, Charity Enterprise”, and ranked 9 on “2008 Shenzhen Charity List, Charity Enterprise”.

November 25th 2008, the Gulupo Hope Primary School donated by Kingworld in Lanzhou City Gansu was built.

December 2008, cold medicines valued 100 thousand Yuan were donated to Inner Mongolia Agricultural University.

May 2009, 100 thousand Yuan was donated to Shenzhen Buddhist Association to help 100 cataract patients in Hunan recover to support the Walk to Brightness in Yiyang and Hengyang.

2009, 250 thousand Yuan was donated to Toechew Youth Federation for Walk to Brightness Activity and Teochew Youth Culture.

December 2009, Awarded “Brilliant Career Contribution Gold Award” in Shenzhen Brilliance Career Promotion Federation.

March 2010, 100 thousand Yuan was donated to The Buddhist Academy of China as special educational fund for high-end Buddhist monks.

April 2010, 100 thousand Yuan was donated to Yushu earthquake area in Qinghai Province.

July 2010, Kingworld together with Guangdong Medical College held welfare activities in rural areas.

2010, 500 thousand Yuan was donated to Shantou Number Twelfth Middle School for building library.

2010, Kingworld donated 100 thousand Yuan to Xiaoming Eye Bank Funds of Shenzhen Charity Association to build eye bank.

November 2010, 1 million Hong Kong dollar was donated to Community Chest of HK.

June 2011, to response to the “helping the poor” activity launched by Guangdong government, Kingworld supported poor villages in Leizhou and Heyuan City.

June 2011, together with Shenzhen Teochew Youth Federation to Luhe for Walk to Brightness activities in Guangdong.

July 2011, Awarded Community Honor at the Hong Kong Community Chest Anniversary Award Ceremony.

September 2011, together with Shenzhen Teochew Youth Federation to Xishuangbanna for Walk to Brightness activities in Yunnan Province.

January 2012, participating in donation of building Zhannan Road in Puning City.

May 2012, Chairman Zhao Lisheng was hired as first ambassadors to spread love of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Charity Fundation.

June 2012, 500 thousand Yuan was donated to Duntunzhen Gerocomium in Yanjin County Yunnan Province for renovation.

June 2012, 300 thousand Yuan was donated to Concerns within the Party Funds of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the New Economic and Social Organization Committee.

July 2012, 100 thousand Yuan was donated to Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

August 2012, Chairman Zhao Lisheng was elected as the first chairman of Shenzhen Teochew Youth Federation Social Club, and launched “heart to heart” project to screen for CHD kids free and surgery assistance. Also the scholarship for Shenzhen Teochew Youth Federation was established with 400 thousand Yuan first donation from Kingworld.

February 2013, Kingworld volunteers went to Luohu Social Welfare Centre to send Yimada red flower oil and medicines for cold.

February 2013, Kingworld donated Yimada Red Flower Oil and Medicine for cold to temples and the poor in Sichuang,Jiangxi and Anhui Province.

April 2013, 100 thousand Yuan was donated to Ya’an earthquake area in Sichuan Province.

April 2013, donating rice to 100 poor family in Nepal and the tuition for 100 pupils for one year in Lumbini Hope Primary School.

May 2013, Kinworld donated to 18 orphans in Qionghai Hainan Province, and awarded the love group.

July 2013, 500 thousand HK dollar was donated to Jao Tsung-I Academic Library of Hong Kong University.

September 2013, 500 thousand Yuan was donated on the charity party of “Concentric Altogether Builds the Chinese Dream” in Shenzhen Tongxin Club.

November 15th 2013, 250 thousand Yuan was donated on the charity party of “heart to heart” by Jiusan Society and Teochew Youth Federation.

June 2014, 3 million Yuan was pledged to TNC (The Nature Conservancy) in China.

August 2014, Kingworld donated 500 thousand Yuan property to Ludian disaster area… …

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